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I Forgive You Forget A Caregiver's Resource

Terms of Service

By subscribing as a lifetime member of the I Forgive, You Forget community, you understand and agree to all of the following:

Regarding our Community Chat Room and Blog Posts

“Dear Vic”  is our Community Chat Room where questions can be addressed by myself and fellow subscribers.  This is a safe place for us to ask questions and not be judged or criticized. The suggestions offered (not “answers” per-se) will always have the upmost respect for us all in what we have to say. This section is a community of helpfulness, compassion, understanding and empathy, not criticism. We take a firm position on values.  Disrespect will result in removal without refund.

Additionally, there is a limit of 150 characters to ask and answer/suggest so that our time and stamina is respected. Be concise, succinct, and factual, and please refrain from colorful language/profanity. This is not a personal forum to get on one’s soap-box. We take a firm position on values. Disrespect will result in removal without refund.

Please know that some Blog posts will have nothing directly to do with caregiving, Alzheimer’s or dementia.  It is my belief that everything  we experience in our day is of significance and is connected to teaching us something valuable for caregiving, or our own personal growth and development.  They are intended to produce good feelings, as well as relatable feelings for you.  Some posts may make you smile or even giggle.  Humor can be great medicine to snap us out of a dark place, and even if it is just for a second, it’s worth it.  

Every post I share is from my heart and is intended to be helpful.   It is never my intent to trivialize, or be disrespectful to you personally, or disrespectful to your grief and sadness during this difficult time. I am mindful of what we all go through every single difficult day because I have been there. I still am.

I am not a Professional nor am I an expert on Dementia

I am not a professional expert on Alzheimer’s or Dementia, neither are our members or subscribers.  I do feel, however, we are all experts in our own way, just not awarded, educated, or recognized as “professionals.” 

IFYF is an avenue for expressing personal views and experiences for the sole purpose of helping other caregivers in our community. Very few of us are experts on grammar, punctuation, or sentence structure – please refrain from grading our papers.

Most importantly, this site does not replace any medical or psychological care that may be needed for you or your loved one.

By becoming a Lifetime Member with access to our Community Chat Room, I know you have read and understood the setting and essence of this community and resource.

I Forgive You Forget A Caregiver's Resource

Please consult a professional or your doctor if you or your loved one are experiencing an emergency.