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A very odd and unfortunate scenario unfolded a few months ago which involved a family acquaintance passing away.  My mother had known this deceased person since 1st grade when they went to grammar school together.  They remained friends all their lives until he recently passed. Because he had very fond memories of our home at Lake Tahoe, his wife asked if his cremains could be scattered on our property there.

On the one hand, I guess it was a compliment to my grandparents, our family, and even the cabin itself that it meant so much to someone else besides us.  On the other hand, my mother and many members of our family had very different feelings towards this man, and they were not necessarily kind ones.

In the days and weeks that followed his death, the wife persisted in her odd request to scatter his ashes on our property. Each time she asked, our family patiently and kindly declined her request.  We even went so far as to suggest other places at Lake Tahoe that might be more suitable to scatter his cremains.  Two weeks ago, while the cabin was not occupied, our on-site cameras caught this wife scattering his ashes around our property despite our repeated refusal to have her do so.

You can imagine how angry and upset we were watching what was caught on the on-site cameras.  Aside from the fact this move was incredibly bold, vulgar, disrespectful and a whole host of other superlatives, my first order of business was to get back to the cabin and clean up the property the  best way I could.

At one point when I was performing this laborious chore, I stood up to stretch my legs, and saw standing at the back of our property, a very large young buck, or “stag.”  He was much taller than I was, and I could see that his antlers were covered in velvet and just starting to grow. Even more remarkable to me was the fact he was standing directly on one of several sites where the cremains had been scattered.

“Well, hi there,” I said quietly, “What are you doing here?”  This Stag just stood there.  Our eyes locked and in that moment, all sound seemed to cease as if I had just plunged under water.  I held out my hand, but he didn’t move.  His presence felt gentle and resolute.  A few moments later, he turned and headed through the back lot.  I watched him take a few steps.  He then stopped, turned his head towards me and our eyes met again.  He then calmly turned and walked away.  This experience had a very surreal feeling about it.  When he left, the normal sounds of life returned, and I went back to work with a knowing that I was doing the right thing – cleaning up unwelcomed energy.

Of course, there are deer in our area, but in all my years at the cabin, I have never seen deer on our property –  never.  I have seen bears, coyotes, Blue Jays, woodpeckers, crows, frogs, hawks and squirrels, but never, ever, a deer.

When something as obvious and out of the ordinary happens like this, I am relentless in my quest to find meaning in it.  A friend Googled “symbolic meaning of Stag,” while I referred to my Native American Medicine book for “Deer.” Here is the gist of what it said: “A Stag is ‘King of the Forest’ and protector of all other creatures.  Stags are viewed as an animal of power, a messenger/totem that represents protection of domain with sensitivity, intuition and gentleness.  Deer symbolizes harmony, happiness, peace, kindness and longevity.”

This experience with the stag was no fluke.  My take away was that his presence let me know that all who are welcome on our property, and the property itself, are protected against any unwanted, or uninvited, energy that is not for the highest good of us all.  It was also a validation to me that I was absolutely supported in my cleaning and cleansing of our property.

As for the “meaning” of this scenario, the wife desecrating our property if there is one, that is on her. Frankly, I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes.


What Is True For Me:

On too many occasions, I have had phenomena happen that simply cannot be dismissed as coincidence. I believe I am cared for and watched over.  I also believe everyone has a benevolent entity, or a team of entities, or angels, with them at all times.  Furthermore, I believe we are offered symbols, indications or communications in all forms, at any given time.  We just have to be open to them. We have to be “awake.”

I admit I wasn’t exactly in an open mood the day I cleaned up the property.  I felt violated and wasn’t even thinking of asking for help; however, there it was in a very obvious and profound way.  The stag’s presence, and what I learned he symbolized, made the meaning of it all land right on the mark.

So be open.  Be quiet enough in your mind to not miss the gifts given each day, particularly when facing something challenging.  Teachers and lessons come in many forms, as does guidance and resolution.